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What did you do?


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1.5m in exactly 12 minutes.

And then

1.5m in exactly 12 minutes.

I was pacing in two of our sports exams where students had to pass 2400 meter in 12:00. Being their constant point to check if they were doing okay helped a lot of them, some barely made it (2405/2410). (lots of yelling, incouragement and even pushing in the last minute. Stopping at 2300 meters with 20 seconds left ... )

It was boring to pace that slow on such a short distance to be honest. The sport instructor from worked even noticed how 'forced' I was running to keep this steady pace for every moment of the race.


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I didn’t run today! But I just rode avatar so it’s all good!!

Lotta Disney walking today haha.

I haven't run in the past two weeks! Came back from Atlanta with a lovely intestinal virus. Took it easy this week. But will probably head to the gym later today to run the June Virtual 5K. Weather got really nasty last night...and the heavens are about to open again
Oh no! Did I miss what happened? I'm going on 2 weeks as of today and I'm super anxious that my knee isn't 100% yet
Not really as I think all I had said previously was that I got my first DNF.

Not really sure what happened - the inside of my knee started bothering me a couple of weeks ago as I dashed across the street to catch the bus to the airport for a race weekend. If finally felt better by race day so I thought I'd give it a try but I gave up about a quarter mile in when it felt like I was getting little electric shocks. Started PT today and I don't know exactly what he did (other than push, pull and twist my knee and leg into all sorts of directions that I was CERTAIN would make me limp out of there) but I left feeling absolutely no pain.
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