WDW Picture of the Day (Part 7)


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Hi, This is a photo of the "Here Come The Muppets" stage show at MGM taken in 1991.


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Using the Wide World of Disney's relief study, we planned our 10 day expedition to climb the north face of the Everest marquee. During our last attempt in 2008, we lost 10 sherpas along the way to the Fast Pass machine.

Click to embiggen!
Sorry for it being a little OT but I wanted to explain. Now back to pictures! =)

I don't collect those per say but they're part of what is known as Designer Vinyl Toys by all sorts of artists from around the world. Here are a few sites where I do my collecting from. I personally don't like kubricks but I do like other toys people make. A lot of artists make Disney Vinyl too! Here's a favorite that this company is doing. http://www.freshnessmag.com/2009/10/22/medicom-toy-x-disney-mickey-mouse-jack-skellington-edition/ and http://www.drawingboard.org/blogs/toyboxsafari/


Wasn't crazy about these until I saw this Jack Skellington one. DDs would love him!!!



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Here is my daughter on the main stage of the Walt Disney Theater on the Disney Magic. She's sitting on the bed used in the signature show "Disney Dreams, an Enchanted Classic". All it takes is a little faith, hope and pixie dust!


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