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  • Hey just wanted to say I really appreciate how in addition to great photographs you often post how you achieved the effect and what lens you used and other interesting things like that.
    thanks ! It helped me learn when others did the same. Nice job with the photos in your TR.
    Did you nerd out with the Star Wars plans for DHS?
    You know it!

    Can't wait for the movie - how about you?
    Uncle Lupe
    Uncle Lupe
    Excited! The new toys are coming in at work that do not break for a few weeks. The promos for this movie will be big. Saw a RC flying Mellennium Falcon. Cool!
    Hi - good morning, one of the other members noted you may have done the snorkeling at the seas. If you did, would you mind saying how it was? We are heading back next year and would be something different for us but none of us are currently scuba certified...

    absolutely loving your TR from disneyland, I wish my dad was as cool as you lol
    Hey fractal. I just joined the site and read your trip report. Fantastic! I enjoyed it all.
    Thank you for sharing.
    So I wanted to let you know we went to Sanaa while we were at the world 2 weeks ago and LOVED it!! We got the bread appetizer with the mango chutney, red pepper hummus and corriander chutney and it was so good! Thank you for your rave review of the place or else we might have overlooked it! :)
    well I was down there about three weeks ago and got married at Disney. We were on the beach at the Polynesian hotel. I then flew home for a few weeks before I had to fly back down on a business trip. It was during the All-star weekend and it was so freakin busy! The next trip will probably be in the fall sometime. Maybe for the wife's birthday. I'm actually flying out in two weeks to head to long beach, ca for another business trip and I may try to hit disneyland. I will see if I can sneak over!
    so cool I love going in September because I love the halloween decorations,but I'm thinking 2013 I might go at a different time of year
    Hey I'm heading back September 24th-29th can't wait we're staying at POrt orleans,we were gonna be at french quarter but yesterday My mom decided to switch to the princess room at riverside and we're not telling my girls until they open the room door,I dunno how i'll contain myself for the next 215 Days lol.When are you going next???
    Hey mamamouse! I'm glad you got a chance to finish the report. When is your next trip?
    I'm really not sure. I was hoping to maybe get to Disneyland this summer, but we are going to San Francisco instead - maybe even Hawaii. I was also thinking of signing up for the Tot 10 mile run in late September but have not yet. That's the long answer - the short answer is " I don't know". I can say that I am definitely planning to go in 2013. How about you?
    Thanks for the request - it's really funny timing, actually. The other day I read something about Michael Bolton, and I thought of your TR :). So funny!
    Hi, I love your future Lilo and Stitch Avatar. Would it be possible to get a copy for my desktop wallpaper or could you tell me where to find the Jpeg?
    ~ TheAbidingDude
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