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  • The photo you have taken of Brave Taylor Mickey is just wonderful. He is my favorite and is just great to final see a well taken photo of him.
    Hello, I live in Lincoln and, as you can tell, am a total Disney nut... and especially anything traditional Mickey. I just returned from WDW in May and have trips scheduled for October 12-19 and December 13-17. And, believe it or not, I have already booked my trip for April of 2009. That makes 4 times within a year.... OMG... I need to find a support group. I enjoy all the pics on this website, but cannot stand all the disney bashers, whiners and discontents on some of the mostly I look at the cool pics. Thanks for the "hello"!.
    Hey NEmickeyfan, i saw you were from nebraska also. I am from columbus. dont see alot of us around. i read you go to WDW at least TWICE a year. wow I wish i could do that. my current pattern is once every 2 years. well i just joined the forum today, after visiting for about 3 years. well, just wanted to say hi and look forward to reading your posts.
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