WDW Picture of the Day (Part 6)


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Great colors!
Thank you!

Azerin post 1577 is amazing! Awesome shot!
Thank you too!

This picture is incredible!!!! Did you use photoshop to inhance it or anything?
Thank you! Yes, I used photoshop and a program named Photomatix Pro which does HDR

great shot. the colors are amazing!
Thank you!

I love this pic.
Thank you!

Say hello to my new desktop background....love the colors and the transition from main st. to tomorrowland!
Thank you and glad you like it enough to want to use it for your background!
Same here.
Glad you want to use it too!
same here too! It's gorgeous!
Thank you!

Glad you all liked that picture so much :D
Here is mine for today :)

Clicking on the picture will take you to its flickr page :)


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I took this at the '09 Flower and Garden Fest. I only took it because it reminded me of the thread "I got into an altercation at the F&G Festival". If you've read thru that thread, I hope you enjoy this picture. :)



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dvdarvas~ Beautiful shot of DH and I's favorite resort, Wilderness Lodge!

Azerin~ Beautiful castle night shot! I love the hearts
NEmickeyfan~ Best picture of the Illuminations ball I've seen so far! Can I copy this? I especially love that you can see the ships...just a great picture!

BrennaRN~ Well done, very cool shot of Celebrate! details!

Mine for the day~My favorite boat ride from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness at sunset

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