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  • Haha yeah that's a pattern with those two movies, huh?
    I'm not sure...just like them a lot from when I was a kid and they stuck with me!
    No Problem. I would think that people would be more open these days and times, but oh well. I personally loving doing Disney sol, just because I can do what I want when I want. But it is nice to share the magic with other folks too
    Hi! How are you? I just got back from a 2 week trip However comma I was working on the coast so I only was able to get out to the parks a couple of days. How about you when is or was your next trip? and if you were already there did you brave going on EE?
    I am a little late on this but welcome, and I hope you enjoyed your solo trip. I guess this is my maternal streak kicking in with age but please be cautious in reaching out to meetup with folks. Everyone seems very nice here so far, but just a word to the wise. Oh and I love wishes too
    I see you post your message on your own page no biggie, It's always good to try new things and be open to adventure it makes life more interesting. When you decide to take the "Plunge" you should message me with your experience, I hope your report is a happy one!
    Hello New Friend!
    Oh not to worry the drop is not that bad, if you have been on Space Mt. and RnRC I think you will find that it is not scary at all. You really should give it a go it may become a new favorite .
    The last time we visited someone compiled a list a people going to the separate MNSSHP there were quite a few went the same night as us but I wasn't brave enough to organise a meet. I then spent the whole evening wondering who belonged to WDW Magic. I'm Alison, living so far away we don't get to visit often, but its this website that keeps me going to the next holiday!! I liked your holiday photos
    Hi! I joined back in Sept. 08 and to some degree feel the same way as you stated in the Meet & Greet post, so don't feel alone or left out. I think like most things it takes time to build relations with others and groups no matter the situation. Anyway I am Rain nice to meet you drop me a Hello any time.
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