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  • Hi! I'm glad you all like my pictures! :D

    To answer the questions...

    DisneyPrincess5, Goofy's Kitchen is in Disneyland. It is a character meal and it is much better than any of the character meals in WDW because there are a lot more characters and it is random which ones you get. The food is pretty good too and I would say is better than most of the buffets at WDW :)

    foverevermickey, it really depends on how much you are looking to spend. If you are looking for a fairly cheap point and shoot than the thing you want to look for is a high ISO... ISO is how sensitive your camera is to light... the higher it is the better pictures it will take in the dark. The only problem with high ISO is it can have a lot of "noise" depending on the camera.

    Hope these help and thank you for letting me know you like my pictures!
    Hi there...just wanted to compliment you on your amazing pictures in the WDW Picture of the Day thread! Great angles and colors.

    Also, I see in your Disney Favorites that your favorite restaurant is Goofy's Kitchen. I've never heard of it and now I'm curious. Where is it?
    Hi Azerin, I just experienced your awesome photographs! They are just spectacular!
    I need a new camera, can you suggest something that I can take pictures in very low light without the blur and capture action photos as well? Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.
    Hi Azerin! It was great to hear back from you. WDW 5 times last year AND Disneyland Paris too, boy you are a lucky duck! :D :animwink:

    As for myself, I returned to WDW Oct. 29-Nov. 13, 2008. I stayed at Pop Century and went to BOTH the Halloween and Christmas parties in the Magic Kingdom. BTW, at the Halloween party, I wore a costume that I know would make you very happy!!!!! :D :sohappy: :sohappy:

    I'll have a trip report up within the next week or so. Things have been too hectic lately for me to do so earlier.

    Take care, and hope you enjoyed your trips! :)
    Registration is open for 501st to march at SWW. We are marching every Fri, Sat, Sun this year. So if you are interested, head over to the FL501st boards!

    I am marching 1st and last weekend - all three days and maybe the two Saturdays in between.
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