News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11


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If you click "see more" in the Facebook post below, the entire list will expand out.

Interesting, POP is being recalled. Appears to be the only value resort opening in the early phase. Coronado is the only moderate (may only be opening for NBA?).

Also, that EPCOT list seems really limited, is there a reason for that? Is this only a Disney owned/operated list?


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Numbers are rising so it doesn't really matter why. Either way something should be done about instead of telling people everything is fine. Like I said before Florida doesn't have to lock it down again but they should maybe put in stricter social distancing measures. Mandatory masks and maybe drop capacity for businesses again.

That's ok just keep making excuses for cases rising.

There's a difference between an excuse and an explanation. If the daily new hospitalization trend is staying flat (which it is) then either this level of cases has always existed or the new infections are in people that don't get seriously ill. With either one, there is no reason to make anything more restrictive.

It's real easy to say to drop capacity for businesses if you don't own one. I'm doing some work for an Italian Restaurant/Pizzaria. This morning the owner (who is well into the high risk age range) was telling me that his costs are currently 130% of what they were pre-pandemic (taking into account supply prices and modifications he had to do for "safety") while he has to operate the dining room at 40% capacity because it is the max he can fit and maintain 6 feet of separation.

We're not talking about some huge corporation or a guy who was making money hand over fist for years and can easily absorb some losses. This is a middle class, hard working business owner who employs other hard working people.


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Let me have my dreams, man.


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Disney taps the Incredibles for COVID-19 health and safety tips
This reminds me a lot of the Mexican government's Covid superhero Susana Distancia (a play on sana distancia, or healthy distance)



There are even Susana Distancia piñatas!

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if it actually happened as described, we dont know.
Exactly. One anonymous voice with no proof / counter claim. It is the Internet after all. Maybe Michael is upset at the company.

Back to previous posts, cast callbacks are all over the place. Location doesn’t mean.... location. Water park cast are going to the theme parks for example.

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