News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11


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Disney announces plans to reopen Walt Disney World theme parks from the COVID-19 shutdown

Walt Disney World Resort hotels to reopen July 11

Disney Vacation Club hotels to begin reopening June 22 and more information on theme park and hotel reservations
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About right...and in-line with the concerns I believe Disney already had.

Not rushing into anything.

The mask requirement is the big issue now. Enjoy bastille day in Epcot with a mask in a 115 heat undex.

I’m curious to see what demand will be?

Orlando doesn't get 115 heat index cmon lol. So much complaining about something that isn't even an issue.


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they mention canceling things, when will they tell us that bought tickets for the opening night halloween party, that they have decided to cancel? Where were the plans for the resorts? will the pools be open at the resorts? etc. They didnt give us a whole lot besides a date(s) we always do pool relaxation the day we arrive, but that may get scrapped, and if they cancel the halloween party because of crowds, ill move it again i think.


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No meet and greets, no playgrounds, no parades, no fireworks, plexiglass at every cash register, mandatory face coverings "while on property," which would seem to include parking lots and every other place.

This sounds like a miserable guest experience. I know it was expected but I'm disappointed. IMO, you just don't open if this is the only way you think you can do it safely.


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So who will be allowed in? Guests with resort reservations? Florida Residents? Interesting they left the reopening of resorts out of far.
We booked our trip last september, first for july now for august, but nothing was revealed about fastpass, and virtual queues, and do we still need to make fastpasses, how soon will they cancel after hours events, and when will they bother to tell us that bought that, that it isnt happening. I have to call my niece and nephew, and potentially tell them the trip they have been waiting for since september may get moved again. Us that do want to get back, need some fleshed out stuff soon to continue planning.


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It's smart of Disney to see how the other parks do opening and then change stuff for their opening. Cast Members will also be safer because of not rushing to open.

That being said, I was really thinking my June trip would happen once every other park was announced to open in June. We are now moving our trip for a 3rd time. I can't help but feel a little upset and frustrated. 🤷‍♀️ I've got a lot of feeling happening right now lol.

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