News Walt Disney World to eliminate self-service paper straws and plastic lids


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No. I forgo straws if they are the paper ones. It’s tough for little kids though.
Fair enough. I think my feelings on the matter stem in large part from my being British. In the UK (at least when and where I grew up), straws came pretty much only with those juice drinks in cartons and at McDonald’s. Otherwise, you just drank your drink straight from the glass or cup, even as a child.


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Leaving aside the wink emoji, is it really the case that drinking without a straw is considered uncouth?!
I don't honestly think so.

I really was just teasing you.

I mean, there are good reasons to use a straw (certain kinds of drinks, dental stuff, staff that hand you your cup holding the lip of it, etc.) but for the most part, it's kind of the way we were raised when drinking out (like a restaurant) and nobody thinks about why.

In the case of the parks, cups without lids means easier spills and messes and without any sort of containment, ice melted outside faster but they probably could have moved to some natural material lid with a little spout like some coffee shops use if they were really trying to avoid the straw for environmental reasons.


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Do you really think it’s realistic to walk around a theme park with an open cup?!? Unless you are finishing it right there it’s impossible. Between people using strollers going on rides etc.
I’ve done it with blue and green milk multiple times and not had any issues. The cups they come in are small and sturdy, however.

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