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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


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Can someone more intelligent than I tell me if this means they are at a certain point or milestone in construction? This makes me feel like they are farther along with the coaster itself than I originally thought.
The coaster structure is done, they have run pull throughs and can run cars on the track once the sensors and brakes are done. Those may be done as well. No matter how far along they are it won't open until they think they can generate the most draw. Next year is what they said and what it will be.
The cars can be stored until needed or they might load them into the maintenance bay and keep them there. They are on skids so a machine can move them.


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Uh...here's a belated TRON construction update from the Swiss Family Treehouse.

At least the show building is mostly hidden from this angle. 😄

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