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  • (part 3) One discussing official news and or permits (concrete things) the other being rumors/speculation and your personal armchair imagineering. But in any case keep up the good work!
    (part 2) but when you present them in the same light as true news regarding the parks, the videos come off as almost click bait. Might i recommend putting a denotation of rumor In your title? or having two separate "shows" under the dsny umbrella?
    (part 1) Hey man, i subscribe to your channel and watch your videos, and i've considered posting this on YouTube but i want to give you constructive criticism without you taking offense to it. You have to be (IMO) more distinct in stating what is news and what is a rumor. Because i understand that you briefly state that plans "may not happen"
    Yeah, Ill take it onboard for future. Thanks for the advice, I made a mistake or two in the early days, but I'm trying to be a lot more careful now, due to rapid growth of the size of channel.

    Thanks for reaching out though, it's greatly appreciated. And let me know about anything else you want to discuss about the show? :)
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