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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

Casper Gutman

Well-Known Member
Disney Fans: Hey, can we have one of those awesome rides you're building overseas?
WDW: Sure!
Disney Fans: Cool!! We're getting Mystic Manor! Or Shanghai Pirates! Or maybe Monster Inc from Tokyo... or anything from Disney Seas...
Disney Fans: But... but we have Space Mountain, and its pretty much just the same thing, only shorter...
WDW: But it's based on the super-popular IP TRON!
Disney Fans: Well...
WDW: And don't worry, Space Mountain will collapse from lack of maintenance soon anyway, so now we'll have a spare! TRON!

Lora Baines Bradley

Well-Known Member
I don't get the hate behind this ride. Sure, it's not Pirates or Mystic Manor, but I mean they didn't have to give us anything. I understand why some people are upset, but c'mon! It's flipping TRON. I watched Legacy this morning and I am PUMPED. and the dig about the small fan base- we may be small, but we are dedicated. Also, there's more of us than you'd think.

tldr; stop complaining, it's not like they're putting GOTG in Epcot. Oh wait...


Well-Known Member
Not going to lie, this looks awesome.


Active Member
I like Tron, even got caught up in the hype of the sequel but this isn't immediately all that exciting. I like the idea that it's an addition instead of a replacement (if I'm reading this right) but I guess I'm in a wait and see mode for it.

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