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News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom


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It helps that the one in Paris loads and launches from outside the structure. I don’t think it’s very likely that two decent launch coasters could both fit inside WDW’s Space Mountain structure.

And I still don’t see why it’s a good idea. A lunch coaster on the other hand...
I included the outside launch and return area in my measurement of the hyperspace mountain. I just don't see why a launch coaster needs to take up any additional room over a lift hill coaster, in fact if space mountain launched you up such that you barely crested the lift hill... the coaster could be identical.
Also clearly I posted that while very hungry haha, lunch coaster does not sound like a good combo to me.


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I'm a little busy to read though 250 pages - can anyone tell me when approx this will be opening ?
Spring or Summer 2021. You can always find answers to these sorts of questions on the first page of this thread:



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I have a stupid question. Once they finish the coaster portion, would they do testing on it, then build the rest of the building around it, or wait until it's all completed before testing?
Not stupid at all! I would like to know that, too.
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