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Toy Story Mania Wii Reviews


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Pre ordered it also on Amazon. Just came back from the real attraction. hope I'm not disappointed too much with it. Are yo able to play without the glasses?


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I'll be picking mine up today! I need it to practice before trips because my wife almost always beats me on the ride. Of course, she's going to get practice too so I'm not sure how well my strategy is going to work...


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Decided to get a 15 day free trial to Gamefly so we'd have a chance to play it until it starts hitting eBay. We'll probably end up getting it for the same reason as everyone else (practice for the DHS attraction!) unless the reviews are really, really bad. I would imagine they will continue to be lukewarm, though.


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I have it on my iPod... Not all that great other than getting a Disney fix. It's cute and my kids like it but the iPod app is just a novelty in my opinion. I was already a master at the ride anyhow... :shrug:


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Not to be a negative Nelly, but I dont see much replay value in this game at all. Its cool to play a Disney attraction from home, but the novelty will wear very quickly imo.


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I'll be getting it for 2 reasons: 1) to support Disney's increased outreach into the video game market and 2) my kids will make me.

Personally, I'm more excited about Kingdom Hearts.


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We pre-ordered from Target for our 6 year old Wii and Toy Story Mania fanatic. Since it's for him, I'm not to worried about it! I'm sure he's going to think it's great.


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Not to be a negative Nelly, but I dont see much replay value in this game at all. Its cool to play a Disney attraction from home, but the novelty will wear very quickly imo.

You have kids? Cuz I see my kids play the same games over, and over, and over, and over..... :veryconfu


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You have kids? Cuz I see my kids play the same games over, and over, and over, and over..... :veryconfu

No I dont have kids so you are probably right. This game is marketed to young kids and it will hold there attention longer than it holds mine.


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I played it at D23. I was a little disappointed. I didn't like the 3d version at all. I asked if you could turn it off, because it really looked bad if you didn't have the glasses on. He told me that some games are in 3d and some are not so you go to some kind of set up screen to choose. I don't think you can play all the versions in non 3d.

You can play with 4 controllers so that would be fun at a party. I'll probably purchase it once it goes down to the next price level.

King Mickey

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I will prob. get toy stroy mania for wii but it's not on top of my list. Epic mickey, spectrobes origins on the other hand, and kingdom hearts 358/2 days for DS


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As someone who has been eagerly anticipating this game since it was announced, I can say that it is a decent party game. Its wayyyyyyy better than the other carnival type wii games, esp. carnival games, but there are a few things about it, I dont really like.

The main one is the speed of the projectiles. In the ride, as you know, the faster you pull, the faster the projectiles are launched. Not true for the wii version. Sure, you can press the A button slowly and the projectiles will shoot slower, but no matter how fast or hard you press the A button, it stays in the same semi fast speed. Thats my major beef with the game.

Other than that, I like it. The waggle feature that many have complained about, IMO, is very good. Its not neccessarily a requirement(which after reading one review I thought so)and because it isnt, that makes it good. The games themselves are not exactly like the ride, but close enough to give off a similar thrill.

As someone who was hoping this would be a replacement for the ride, it is nowhere near that. I figured it wouldnt be, but I would atleast hope that it would make me not want to ride the ride as much. I still think it can help aid the desire to ride the ride as much, personally, to where I wont want to waste most of my trip in line for it lol. Thinking about it more, I doubt it. But its a good "tie you over in between trips" game.

But overall its good. The replayability seems high, I havent played multiplayer yet. Im sure multiplayer adds even more fun to the game. I havent played all of the mini games, but the way the game is set up is really good imo. With the story mode, build mode, etc. I love that you have to "buy" the 3d games and the other ones. Upon first playing it, you'll see its a lot to discover and I like that. So in all, its good.


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Well, I can't wait to play it! So much that DH is at Best Buy right now getting it so I will post my review after we play for a bit. I was obsessed with the old Toy Story game that we had for the original Playstation so I am sure I will love it. :D Plus I looove the Wii anyway.


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Just played...

Ours came from Amazon today (shipped yesterday...its nice to have a new Amazon distro center just south of here!)

I will say that it's very well made/designed. However...

1) There are way too many credits at the beginning

2) The main menu is difficult to navigate. We actually had to get out the book to figure out where to start (no kids - we have to learn the old way) :lol:

3) The 3D glasses are the red/green kind and it's just plain awful! The lenses just overwhelm you and everything is either red or green. Done with those!

4) I probably could have dug deeper and found rules or instructions, but without them it was hard to figure out what all the wii-mote maneuvers were supposed to do. The wave back and forth thing - no idea what that does during game play.

Other than that, we played for about an hour and had to quit because our thumbs and wrists were tired. The bonus rounds are tiring with the shaking and wiggling and other wii-mote motions.

I'll actually read the little booklet and mess around with it more and it will probably make way more sense.

BTW, I guess I don't have the bionic thumb that the-reason14 has, because I was perfectly content with the speed of throwing. Heck, I could hardly keep track of my crosshair and thrown objects as it was :lol:


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I just bought mine. After I am done catching up my DVR I am going to fire up the Wii and see what it is all about.


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Ours came today and afterwork hubby and I played it for about 40 minutes before we had to go to a football game, we even skipped dinner to keep playing. It was fun, sure it isn't the ride, but it is entertaining and fun. Haven't tried the 3-D glasses yet, probably will later. Its just one more thing to get me pumped up for my upcoming trip! So that is my two cents.

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