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  • Just wondered what state you are from. I live in Maryland and we are the home of the crab cake...ever been here?
    I'm trying to plan a trip for next September with my boyfriend for our birthdays (hopefully we can do it!!)
    Hey there! We all had a wonderful time on our trip! How about you? I am also very sad its over. I was just sitting here at work today thinking a month ago I was in Disney!! :(
    It was a very recent decision to go. :lol: Just DH and I; no kids. We're celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. It's a short trip (3 nights) so we decided to do the party to maximize our MK time. I couldn't think of anything to wear, either, so I'll probably just buy a Halloween shirt down there. I think I've seen enough pics of you that I would recognize you. Hope you guys have a great trip!!!
    We have same location and we will be in Disney at the same time..maybe even at AKL? Disney sisters meant to be for sure! Have a wonderful and safe trip!
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