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  • :lol: Yes, ACY really is a ghost town. It's been busier lately, though...they recently added a parking garage. We use Continental at EWR for other trips, but I have a feeling our days on the super-budget airline are numbered...

    (Sorry it took me so long to respond...but as a matter of fact I'm sitting in the terminal right now!)
    I used to fly out of ACY all the time but I had several bad experiences with Spirit so I gave up. Now I fly Continental out of EWR pretty exclusively. I do miss the ACY airport though. Can't beat being one of 10 people on the security line.
    Greetings, fellow Jerseyan! :wave:

    I leave a few days after you do for WDW, and I was wondering if you fly out of Atlantic City or Newark. For our past few visits, we've flown out of ACY and I was wondering if anyone else attempts the same. Enjoy your visit!
    I feel like the last kid to be picked in gym class here :( I promise I will play nice in the sand box if you want to share any of your peeps.
    Here's that song by John Mayer I was telling you about on the phone...

    I don't know where you went when you left me but,
    It says here in the water you must be gone by now
    I can tell somehow...
    One hand on the trigger of a telephone
    Wondering when the call comes
    Will you say it's alright?
    You've got your heart right...

    All you need is love is a lie cause
    We had love but we still said goodbye and
    Now we're tired, battered fighters.
    And it stings when it's nobody's fault
    Cause there's nothing to blame at the drop of your name
    It's only the air you took and the breath you left

    So maybe I'll sleep inside my coat and
    Wait on your porch 'til you come back home
    Oh, right...
    I can't find a flight.
    So I'll check the weather wherever you are
    Cause I wanna know if you can see the stars tonight -
    It might be my only right.

    We share the sadness
    A split screen sadness

    I called
    I just
    Needed to feel you on the line.
    Don't hang up this time...

    And I know it was me who called it off, but
    I still wish you'd fought me 'til your dying day.
    Please don't let me get away

    Cause I can't wait to figure out what's wrong with me
    So I can say this is the way that I used to be
    There's no substitute for time
    Or for the sadness
    Split screen sadness
    We share the sadness

    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight
    Two wrongs make it all alright tonight...
    Greetings. I love your avitar. Would you be willing to email me a JPG? My wife would get a kick out of it, and realize that there truly is a prescription for my addiction. Thanks.
    I decided that work wasn't quite complete without more of my favs... You're very high on that list. :kiss:
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