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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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One time the a.c. on the upper floor of my home was broken. It got to be 90 degrees up there. All the fans in the house did not allow us to sleep up there. We used downstairs as a campground a couple of nights until the a.c. situation was resolved. Just sayin' I agree with @Goofyernmost
When I was a kid, we never had air conditioning in our homes or our cars. I remember everyone sitting in the living room in front of the oscillating fan which provided a cooling breeze once every 30 seconds. The car required open windows, every single one of them. I remember so many vacation trips sticking to the seats of the plastic covered car seats. The plus side was most of the year in Vermont did not require any AC, snow shovels for sure. One thing I noticed about the south is that the ranges of temperatures are much less down here. In Vermont it was not uncommon to have weeks at -25 to -35 degrees F. and have it hit 100 in the summer. That's around 130 degree fluctuation. Here the coldest I have experienced is about 28 degrees and the hottest 106 degrees about 80 degree difference. Sadly now 28 degrees feels like 20 below used too for me.


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While we're on the subject of food --

What dog grabs a large bunch of bananas, drags them off the kitchen table to the floor, and mauls them-- ALL EIGHT OF THEM?!! :banghead: That would be our wacko dog, Jack, of course. :rolleyes:

First, here's why there was such a large bunch of bananas to begin with. The other day, I bought one banana, and ate it. Hubs saw that, and since I'm home more now, he figured he should probably buy more bananas for me. (I'm really not sure how he assumed a crisis was at hand with bananas ... 🤨.) So, yesterday, he went out and bought a large bunch of 8 bananas. Very nice gesture and all, but --

I eat about 1 banana a month. :facepalm: :p

Just another day here . . . :hilarious:
Seriously, if you don't start feeding that poor dog I'm going to turn you in to the ASPCA!


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Anyone have any plans for the 4th?
None here. Fireworks never did anything for me and most of my family is not planning anything at all either. In fact, both my son in law and my grandson (his son) are planning on working the day to get the overtime. The forecast is for more 100 degree weather and afternoon and evening thunder boomers. I know I have absolutely no desire to see the Emperors Parade. Another holiday ruined by excessive ego.


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Anyone have any plans for the 4th?

Yep, the kiddos are comin’ over and Emy’s gettin’ decked out for our traditional neighborhood 4th of July Parade beginning at 8a...!!!!!!! :joyfull::inlove::happy:
We always participated in it when our 3 kiddos were younger, so it will be sooooooo very cool for us all to continue it with the next generation...!!!!! :happy::)
Then over to my folks later in the day to continue the celebration...!!! :)

Any plans for y’all...?!!! :)


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So I'm trying to figure out where to go on our next trip after Disney... You would think an ex airline employee and ex travel agent would have a list... but I'm not sure. Have passport... can go almost anywhere! But where?

Tough choices. I suppose it depends on the budget you have and interests. Right now I’m trying to decide on WDW or some more National Parks for next summer.

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