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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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Recently, I saw the DVD of Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt). So this remake was pleasant, but I honestly thought it lacked the heart and soul of the original.

I think Julie Andrews just had this innate "sparkle" that shone through, even when she'd state the rules to the children to be obedient. She was effective in getting her point across, but always in a quite charming way (both to children and adults).

Emily Blunt played the role a bit less warmly. (This may have been what the director wanted, to give the remake a slightly different spin, and not a carbon copy of the original.) Loved the costume design.

Overall: Mary Poppins (original) - 100%
Remake of Mary Poppins - 75%
She intentionally played it cold because the original books portrayed MP as much more harsh then Julie A. had been directed to do. But, really that is pretty much all Julie has been known for and it would not have established her career image in the way that it did. I'm still at a middle of the road outlook. I loved both for what they were. I found some of the music far more emotionally moving in MP2 and even when listened to more then once even more catchy then the original. The difference was, back in the 60's the radio played some of the sound track which made it more memorable.

To me nothing compares with "The place where lost things go" when in context with the story is one of the few things that made my eyes water just a tad and "A cover is not the book" to be as catchy as "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious " was in the original. I give both MP1 and MP2, 100%. I am one that also accepts that Julie Andrews made the right choice to not be in it because there is already enough comparing the two of them without her being there to remind people to judge. That said, I cannot tell you how happy I am that they got D ick Van D yke to recreate his banker persona. The man was 92 when they filmed it and he was still able to dance. What a joy for people my age to see.


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Come to New England where it rains everyday
Funny, I lived in New England for 63 years and I don't remember it raining everyday. We had some serious droughts up there in the past. This year it has rained just about every day here in central NC. It is with warmer air, but, is still wet and muddy. You know that red clay stuff that the south is so famous for.


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Nice FP catch for FoP! That one is worth it!
Thanks. My DD is good at it. At 60 days she only books one but often dumps it the day of to get better ones. She got FOP For yesterday afternoon.

The 2 she has the most problems with are Slinky which she did get And the Mine Train There is an AP hard invite event tonight so we will ride it then.
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