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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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@dryerlintfan You said you bought your new chair from Facebook Marketplace, right? I am interested in selling some stuff like strollers we no longer need. Do you access marketplace only on the app?
I cannot tell you the last time I have accessed Facebook on anything other than my phone, so I couldn't say for sure. But I would think you could also get to the marketplace from a computer.


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Now, now. Please don't brag about your balmy temps. Yesterday, I was mean and froze the children. Wind chill was 5, and we go out for recess, as long as the wind chill is above 0. Right now, it is already warmer with a wind chill of 8, actual temp. 17. Looking for a high of 29. Time for more hot coffee.
I remember hating when it was cold and we were made to go out!
I don't remember being sent outside for recess when it was really cold. We usually were sent to the auditorium to watch cartoons. You must be more tough in the midwest than us here in the east.


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I'm on my computer and if I look at FB, there's a button on the left under the newsfeed and such for Marketplace.
Thanks. I may just have to get the app on my phone though because I want to sell. It would be much easier to upload pictures from my phone then sending them to my email and then downloading just to upload to fb. I use my dh's account so don't have the app on my phone currently. I figure selling a stroller and toddler boosters would be easier in a local area than using ebay. Don't have to worry about shipping either.
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