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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

Mr Ferret 88

Situational swearer
Premium Member
Who are you and what have you done with @Mr Ferret 88? Raglan road with a March birthday person?
That doesn't even include the first week. We are waiting to book a mnsshp before we commit on those days.
I'm a bit upset. It seems between chorus and band we won't be able to get away for even a long weekend this summer:( I guess I'll be at the pool quite a bit:joyfull: It's not getting away but it's not home:hilarious:
Yeah, family trips get tricky when they hit high school. And now I know it is worse when one is in college. DS had Spring Break, then DD and I had ours the following week. DH refused to get away without DS. And now, trying to plan to get out to see DD march down Main Street is becoming a nightmare. Won't know until beginning of next school year if he is in (what we call) the big boy band, which travels much of the year, or home for the holidays. In which case, he should come with us.
Everyone deserves at least a mini-vacation. If they miss just 1-2 days (and then add in a weekend), that could be a nice break. I'm just thinking that not every other kid would have 100% attendance either, particularly in the summer months.
And by me, unless you missed because you were laid up in the hospital, or someone died, there's the door. Don't let it hit you on the way out.

Cesar R M

Well-Known Member
Good morning, well not exactly I'm going to have to run out and get a new microwave:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: It's dead, my dh opened it, it would cost more to fix than repair and it's a dozen years old or so. If everybody wasn't on a different schedule I could probably put replacing it off for a few weeks:mad::mad::mad::mad: The only good thing about it is it's raining and I was going to go to the mall to walk so at least I'll be in the neighborhood:confused: My dh is at least checking out what type of deals or coupons he can get through work:joyfull: I've already checked out ratings and sales:D
That sucks, the worst part is the new microwaves feel so flimsy and replaceable. Most of them (if not all) now are just built to be trashed by the year mark.

Cesar R M

Well-Known Member
Oh, it just kills me the difference in the Main Street USA stores down through the years.

You know what is the biggest surprise to me, about all this morphing of unexciting, general merchandise? I can't wrap my head around a company that rams all these upsell events, high-priced hotels, etc. to the guests, and yet, puts a lot of cheap carp for sale in the stores?! :confused:

On the one hand, they're confident they have a huge base of guests who'll buy the expensive add-ons to the general park experience; and yet, their marketing and retail sales divisions haven't put two and two together--and continue to market low-priced, generic stuff in the shops?! :banghead:

Seems to me that the classier stuff fit in nicely with lower-priced items, in their stores for many years. :cautious:
Generic stuff that can also be purchased anywhere for way lower price.
I honestly believe they aimed so low.. for the crying kid who desperately demands one plushie or the hardcore fan that wants something.
Only time I ever purchased more than 20 USD of stuff, was the Stitch tshirt I couldn't find anywhere else.

Cesar R M

Well-Known Member
Took @Cesar R M 's advice and played around with shading for the abandoned series. I think this one turned out much better: View attachment 200662
It definitively looks way better. just tone down the texture and brightness on some of the far right buildings. They do not look properly shadowed compared to the rest.

Id also remove the boats, and increase the color of the trees to fit the bright green that is seen in some of the buildings.