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Back home in Santa Cruz a surfer just lost his life two days ago to a shark attack.

And Manawars are the worst. Their stings hurt so freaking bad!!
5 surfers here died last night. They aren't sure what happened, but they pulled 7 people from the water last night and at least one was still missing when they had to give up the search until morning. They think it might have something to do with a thick layer of foam on the water, but it was a whole surfing club who went out at had to be rescued.


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@figmentfan423 Need fabric help. Oldest ordered black jersey from Joann and it came in yesterday. It was not jersey. It was like a rayon. Anyway their black jersey is now out of stock. Where can we order plain black jersey that is reasonably priced?
100% cotton and cotton spandex blend I would have said FWD because the quality is the same and FWD is cheaper but they're sold out Edit may also have some. Check the shipping times for both before ordering


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Day 2 of back at the firm fun...
The first dozen (again, the other 11 employees return next Monday) of us back are gettin’ used to the “new normal”...masks, distancing, wiping things down, just not touching things if we don’t have to (i.e. I can send to the plotter without ever touching anything but my copy - copies - that it spits out, the main office door is stopped open all day, etc.).
Plenty of work to do and projects still piling up, and productivity is improving. Just a career where personal collaboration is essential to best productivity.
New tech is also being researched for obvious reasons.
If there’s a resurgence, and unfortunately, and sadly, I’m betting there will, we’ll be better prepared to drag all our stuff back home, yet again.
On another bright note, my dear DWifey started a new job at a title company today. Higher pay than her last gig at the engineering firm by a good bit, and she said they were very welcoming and she had a great first day. They are Covid practicing like we are at our firm.
Again, this **** ain’t over by a long shot, but, another pretty good day...!!! :)
Oh I'm so glad your wife found a new job! And that's great that they were welcoming...I would think it would be kind of hard as a new hire coming in at the moment to an existing company. Everything is so different and up in the air. I'm glad she had a great day!

How long before you know whether you will have to go back home to work?


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Have covid cases dropped in your state? Here in SC our new cases seem to be on average 140 new cases per day for the past 4 weeks, Things are opening up and cases have not increased so far. Have noticed a significant number of restaurants appear to be closed for good. Went to Costco (senior hours) yesterday and they had Clorox wipes and their brand of wipes haven't seen them in a long time.
No, cases have not dropped here. And we are not looking at peak until June, now.
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