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Tacking requests. Ill be here until the 7th of July.


I can haz Lights of Winter?
Originally posted by RickEff
I'm assuming it's the "Shades of Green" resort
Ah, I knew that... Thanks Rick... Just the picture of the access road or whatever and "SOG" thru me off :)


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Original Poster
ya man no problem, i wonted to check that out for myself. i get back to ya.



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Hope your holiday is going well, it sounds like your having a blast! I was wondering if you could get any pictures of the Haunted Mansion, nothing in particular, anything will be good, and maybe the new frontierland costume. Thanks and have fun!:D



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:lookaroun :D Just checked out the new pictures--- I want to gooooooooooooo!!!!! Now!!!!!! Thanks again, are you using a digital camera/ I never asked. Has it been open more? Or are you camping out at the entrance these days???

Did you ever get a chance to check out the Great Movie Ride? Where are you staying all this time??? Friends? Hotel?? Just wondered seeing you are at Disney for soooooooooo long :lol: ( I am jealous )

Will be waiting for more updates and news!! :wave:


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How's the Coronado? We're staying there in July and just keep hearing bad things about it, but i think it will be cool. Can you tell me about it???


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HEy outlaw...
I have never heard anything bad about Coranodo...
Actually, my friend Maragret, a CM, parents went down to visit her and stay there and they loved it. And according to her dad, they hated everything else about WDW so I think that says a lot.
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