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News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - Tiana's Bayou Adventure


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I really, really hope they don’t go the salt-mine route to justify the drop. Just make the story fun and exciting and no-one will care about Louisiana’s topography.
The one thing I hope dosen't happen is the last drop being a shortcut to the party. I made a joke about that being a story beat but my eyes would probably be stuck considering how far I'd roll them if that ends up being the case.


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An easy way to bring back facilier with him being dead is to just have him be turned into one of the "friends from the other side" that follow him around.
Almost three times as many syllables tho
Vocal and breathing exercises, like the ones singers use, help our family get through the longer-titled rides and attractions.

If we don't have time to prepare before a trip, we simply cheat the system when saying names.
Pirates Of The Caribbean = "Pirates"
It's A Small World = "Small World"
Journey Into Imagination = "Figment"

Midwest Elitist

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Vocal and breathing exercises, like the ones singers use, help our family get through the longer-titled rides and attractions.

If we don't have time to prepare before a trip, we simply cheat the system when saying names.
Pirates Of The Caribbean = "Pirates"
It's A Small World = "Small World"
Journey Into Imagination = "Figment"
Tiana's Bayou Adventure = "Adventure?" Nah? "Bayou"? Uhh... "Tiana's"?

None of these work as well as
Splash Mountain = "Splash"

"Uhh, we can't use Splash Anymore because of <association fallacy>, what do we call it?"
"Uhh, how about TiAnAs BaYOu AdVeNtUrE heehee hoohoo".
"Perfect! Ship it!"


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Even so, it can hardly be called lengthy. I don’t recall anyone criticising Pirates of the Caribbean or Journey into Imagination for having too many syllables.
I'm just saying, word count isn't the only relevant metric. Not that I think the title matters all that much, as long as the ride is at least as good as what it's replacing. If they screw it up, it'll deserve all the petty criticism it gets.


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FYI, my 4 year old named this ride the same thing. Glad to see that inventive and imaginative creative juice flow through the Disney hallways. 🙄
"Splash Mountain" sounds a lot like what a four year old would come up with as well . . . it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Better than "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah River Run", as it was originally slated to be called before Michael Eisner suggested something more accessible.


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oh my god. Now we want the historical accuracy of the levees in the ride.
The ride about a girl who kissed a frog, became a frog, talked to fireflies, met a singing alligator and was pursued by a man who controlled (at least tried) voodoo spirits.
Think of how dumb Disney Feels for spending millions on videos and PR as well as the R and D for that claim for authenticity.
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One thing is for sure.... Disney will definitely have a "bayou adventure" in the new Tiana series on Disney+. Then no one can say it isn't "canon" to the character again.... synchronicity!


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Probably. Hope WDI can find a way to explain it visually (not some cheap throwaway "Salt Mine" signage) For those having never visited Louisiana won't children and adults alike just wonder why the rockwork is now covered in snow?
Several 5 gallon buckets of Behr flat white from Home Depot…hey Bob, they’re on sale this weekend…you can continue saving money…


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Tron will still be right around the corner when this opens. I think it's a running joke at the company.
Lol…I agree…but i always laugh at “the company” anyway 😂
I saw there were 30 new pages in this thread, and I really debated whether or not I should read them.

I wasn’t planning on it, but after a couple pages I grabbed some popcorn.

Highlights have to be the post that renamed every attraction to include Adventure, the very recent breakdown on the feasibility of a trumpeting alligator, the levees of New Orleans, topographic maps of Louisiana, an insider saying this’ll be the next Figment, an insider saying this’ll be fantastic, an analysis on the rides placement in Frontierland, a discussion on whether Disneyland or Disney World guests are more flagrant, women in pants, and the alleged discovery that the Imagineer's New Orleans research trip was two weeks ago.

I found the Universal discussion quite boring, but people analyzed both companies’ recent expenditures and their effectiveness.

Essentially the last 350 pages on repeat excluding debates on whether Splash Mountain is racist.
You got it right…drop the “insider” nonsense on this though. It’s name tags and orlando local sycophants this time.
Beginning to think Tron is just a figment of our imagination… no pun intended.

But seriously, I don’t even know anyone that really wants Tron that badly and yet here we are, taking over a half decade to finish it.
You’re right…the desire for tron has been “tepid” at best…which shows just how aloof the management is that they are slow walking the construction. It’s gonna be a 1 minute show with a 3 hour wait…and an angry sweaty mob will be standing in rocket ship plaza afterward asking “now what?” For a decade to their genie+ app

The lack of planning by Bobs is laughable.


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Without a doubt. They aren't in a terrible position through 2024 in my opinion. MK still has an E-ticket to open and of course this. A couple of other entertainment pieces, most notably Fantasmic. Then the lingering Epcot hub projects. The goodwill from DHS, Guardians and Rat still have a couple years of play.

What remains to be seen (and I think we'll know definitively by D23) is if they'll push ahead with some 2025-6 projects. Like Spaceship Earth and / or an Animal Kingdom project (maybe with a new night show there), plus some entertainment like parades. If they really care Imagination will be redone.

Yes, it's not a new park or new lands really, but these are semi-ready projects they can still conceivably push ahead that do matter. I do hope EU actually causes them to want to invest.

You got a scoop here? What “projects”??

Bobs still looking for nickels to pay for the Mary Go Round a Poppins

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