News Pirates of the Caribbean closing for refurbishment in February for new auction scene


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So....The auction for the redhead is over....What else could they go for? We wants the..........Goat?:eek:

It's interesting to point out that there was an action figure released several years ago of her. And she had carried a pistol and a long rifle with he...So in a way they must have saw that and thought...Hey! Why not change her to that!
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Sure, it looks good, in as much as the animatronics match.
But it's pointless now.
Where's the punchline?
And they're auctioning off the things they stole to other pirates?

Actually that would make a lot of sense. I'll reserve judgement til we hear the scene and what the dialog is. I'm not going to try to judge off a single still image.


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I'm furious mostly at the removal of Paul Frees

Weigh anchor you swabbies...what do I offer for these hearty hens? Whomever is doing this voice just sounds awful...They could have got Corey Burton back to at least do his version of the voice since he re-recorded audio for the heavy pirate that sits with the map....

You that I think about it....This wasn't the first female pirate they were dealing with...

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