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Performer dies days after fall


What an awful tragedy. We have watched this show numerous times and always enjoy this. Does anyone have a picture of him playing his part of Mack in the show? We have seen a number of different actors playing this part and his photo does not look like any we have seen before? If anyone can honor his memory as a cm by posting a photo of him "on stage", it would be much appreciated.



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This is indeed very sad news. But he did not die because of the fall he died from complications from surgery.

Thats like saying you didn't die because of a train wreck, you died because you bled to death when they were trying to patch you up..

He died because of the accident...


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The show is currently being performed on the steel drum stage across from Pirates.

I wondered about that. I saw that last week, and it looked like such a nice staged area. We didn't see Tutorial on our last trip, but I am not surprised that they went to a more showy venue. That's such a good and cute show!


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Just saw this in an updated article on the Sentinel...

The fall took place during Priest's first performance Thursday morning, Priest told Breslauer. The actor playing Captain Jack Sparrow was supposed to kick Priest's character, Mack, in the buttocks at the end of a sword fight.

When Priest stepped afterward, he slid on a wet patch and careened headlong into a wall, Breslauer said. He was bleeding and could barely see, but he left the stage quickly so children would not be upset.

Priest was rushed to Florida Hospital Celebration Health and was transferred to Florida Hospital Orlando.

Priest joked during the ordeal. At one point, he said he was at the hospital to pick up women, Breslauer said.

"He didn't want anybody worried about him or scared," Breslauer said.

That was Priest's nature, friends said.

"He was a comedian on and off the stage," said friend John Baker, who performed as a Ghostbuster with Priest at Universal Studios.


Terrible news for the family and friends of the cast member. hopefully this is the last of the sad news we get from disney for a while.


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Man, this is sad. It just sounds like one of those freak accidents that could happen anywhere. Much condolences to Mark's friends and family. From the video, he seemed like a talented, nice guy.


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What a classy, good guy he was to think to leave and not be in front of the kiddos. I can't even begin to imagine how much pain he was in, and he still had the thought to do that.

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What a sad summer for WDW,even sadder that the performer thought he had to leave,for good show.:( There are still Cms comitted to good show(this CM and Minnie).


What a sad summer for WDW,even sadder that the performer thought he had to leave,for good show.:( There are still Cms comitted to good show(this CM and Minnie).

That just makes it even more sadder, from that statement alone shows what a great person he was. I cant believe thats hes gone, The last time I read about him the thread said he was doing better. My condolences to his family and his fellow CMs.

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