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Rumor New nighttime show at Epcot


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I heard mention of an interim show as soon as this summer to shore up attendance. I questioned how realistic the timing was....
If true, please after the 4th! ROE and Heartbeat Of Freedom are legendary!


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If true, please after the 4th! ROE and Heartbeat Of Freedom are legendary!
I will be at the July 4 show with a Rose and Crown reservation. I am in a true panic that based on the "seemingly eminent replacement" that I won't get to see ROE (my favorite show). I hope Martin, or someone can say something soon.

I am also ready to extend our trip up to two days if the last day falls July 6-8.


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Welp, I was hoping to catch it one more time this fall but it currently seems like that may not be the case. I'm very curious what this could be.


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Well this is all interesting news.

All I ask is that they leave the tags alone and keep them for the new show(s).

Or, hell, pull a Magic Kingdom and do entirely new shows for those holidays.


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Let's hope they start working toward a multimedia projection and laser show and reduce their reliance on fireworks:
RoL is my favorite show on property, and it uses pyro very, very minimally. But that shouldn't be every show. I hope whatever takes the place of Reflections takes advantage of both the artistry provided by modern technology (barges, choreographed and colored water spouts, mist screens, better lasers and projection tech) and the power of pyrotechnics.


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I wonder how much of moving things up in deadlines, which is a break from last year when deadlines were being pushed back, is coming from a realization of just how crazy DHS will be with SWL and MMRR and the continuing overcrowding of MK which will only get worse with the 50th additions.

Lone imagineer: "You know, if Epcot doesn't get a big pull and soon, it will be the least attended park in 2019."

Everyone else: "Oh f......"
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