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Rumor New nighttime show at Epcot


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Is it bad that my current standard for a decent implementation of Disney IP with Educational Values is “It’s Tough to Be a Bug”?

I fail to think of a better example with the potential exception of Wild About Safety.

It has the added bonus of traumatizing people, which imprints memories, so, it's a life-lesson!!

Cesar R M

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Concept art from the Disney Blog:
are those, water canons like Rivers of Light?

Cesar R M

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Why do you hate Africa, Italy, and Canada?

Here was mine:

Three Caballeros
Ice Cutters' Song
I Can Make a Man Out of You
Circle of Life
Dwarfs Yodel Song
Belle Note
Colors of the Wind
Compass of Your Heart (in Japanese)
Prince Ali
Tale As Old As Time
Feed the Birds
Great Spirits
It's a Small World
Why three caballeros?
to push the animation show?

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