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MAGICal DLP News, Rumours & Thoughts


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The Price of a midweek hotel package, no matter for what time of the year you look, has doubled in the past year. Actually doubled. I looked this time last year and you could get Newport Beach Club 4 nights for less than £800...same dates following year it’s up to £1650....has anybody else noticed this? I played around with many different dates and it never come close to last years pricing.

It’s £400 extra for 2 of us to stay on international drive for 3 weeks! Just s Rosen inn, but still.

I can’t believe the pricing
At the same time you can book the DLP hotels on Expedia (without tickets) for 179 € for Newport Bay Club. Also, the official packages are always a question of which discounts are currently being offered.


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There will be some announcements made at Destination D, but I have not been able to confirm if DL’s MMRR will be part of it. The ride is also now slated for Paris.
Just wanted to point out that @GiveMeTheMusic, another insider, is now also indicating the MMRR ride is slated for Paris. That's the 4th insider (3 french, 1 US) who agrees that there are at least "talks" about this happening.
BREAKING NEWS ! Cinemagique return is cancelled ! Studio Theater will host from November 24th to January 6th a new christmas show with Disney characters, live music and singer, and dancers !
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