Rumor Light Rail / Tram Link for Disney Springs to TTC?


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Well, it's running on rubber tires across a concrete path - that's basically a bus. Mutli-cars make it a train.
(I know it's an honest question for what I stated but I feel like the Simpsons bit with: Mono=1 and rail=rail :) )

Traditional rail is steel wheels on rail.

The thing that makes the Monorail neat is that the bus-part (the tires) are hidden and so it seems to just magically glide. It's basically an expensive, "on-rail" (can't go anywhere else) bus.

Take out the beams and replace them with single-lane roads/bridges for buses and, no, it's definitely not as sexy, but it makes a lot more practical sense.

I like the Monorail but, and I'll admit this is partly because they gave up on keeping it up: It feels very much like a Yesteryear technology.
I guess I don't see why running on rubber shoes with concrete rails means it needs to be replaced. Seems like a pretty big stretch to compare it to a bus because it uses one rubber mechanism. Buses have autonomy to travel along roadways only... that's the defining characteristic of a bus operationally.

I believe that "on-rail bus" is an oxymoron. It's like calling the gondolas a Sky-boat.


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Hoping any long term plan keeps the original MK monorail loop. Can't imagine the Contemporary without the monorail. Everything else should be considered. Gondolas are a great part of the plan but logistics should inform solutions ideally. If that makes sense.


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The existing TTC location will still be utilised as such. But it would make sense to have another serving a north/south and east/west connection.

Let me stress this is all more than hypothetical but far less than certain.
If TTC2 was built, would that mean that DHS or DAK or EPCOT could expand their respective parks far into the parking lot, or is that not the idea here?


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Perhaps but not necessarily. A system that’s separated from current roads with above grade crossings.

Some of the areas of the proposed route would take means it would have to be aesthetically pleasing, and be able to travel above ground.
sounds like something along the lines of a streetcar, given the description.


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Wow, the discussion kinda blew up, XD

I could see a monorail, and I must say with how they handled Vegas' system, it doesn't look bad. I could see a tram system too... Wonder if they have plans to connect all parks together?


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Bicycle Trail Network... 100% clean renewable energy
That less than .01% of guests would use.:(
While a trail network would reduce reliance on buses by very little in the grand scheme, I really wish Disney would develop one as a combined recreational/transportation option. Use the systems in place in big cities (Chicago, London, DC, and a zillion others) with docking stations at resorts, parks, mini-golf, Springs, etc.

But that's off topic, because what is being hinted at here is clearly a hyperloop/pneumatic tube system.
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