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Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?


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The games aren't canon, but Rebels is. I forgot that they used it there.

True the games aren’t canon, just saying it’s been used before, but it “Solo” is the first mainstream (because “Rebels” can be esoteric for casual fans) to use it. Regardless, it’s a great nod to that wonderful Williams score

The Visionary Soul

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I'am just still worried about dinosaur if they get rid of it I will hate disney for the rest of my life.
It is inevitable that at some point someday they will close DINOSAUR. No one knows when this will happen for sure, even me. However, just because one ride will close some day is not a reason to hate a company. I loved Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, but I didn't hate the company for the rest of my life when it closed. Try to have some perspective.


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I very much hope they reconsider and put the Indy ride in DHS instead, even though their minds are likely already made up. The park still needs more, even after SWGE opens. Dinosaur is fine as it is, and I'd like to see them add more capacity rather than simply replacing/retheming. That's why I'm so glad Tron and Ratatouille are being built on fresh land, and Pandora technically didn't "replace" anything either, since Lion King and the M&Gs were both relocated.


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Not to be that guy but...

In both the old X-Wing/Tie Fighter games and in "Rebels," the "Imperial March" was used as the anthem for the Empire... but this is the first time it's used in a movie as such....
Doctor Marsh...


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to a degree i agree however moneyis not infinite and the value HAS to matter. its the difference between two or three rides (few times now eh?) the mermaid is a grest example and look i love the que but is there value? nah not really.

No, I agree with you on that. It matters. But I don't always agree with how people use it to make a point, I guess, lol. I do care what they spend but I'm not basing whether I like something or not on what Uni spends vs. what Disney spends. But Disney is out of control on their spending and we're often left with sub-par experiences despite how much they spent. Something's gotta give.


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I believe this has now been downscaled. Current thinking indicates a land refresh with the same theme and a coaster. But it ain’t over yet.

So... Apart from the Boat Ride (PotC tech) NOT replacing Finding Nemo, and not officially calling the area SOUTH AM. The refresh is basically the same thing with Indy AND Dinos on the ride?

That's not really all that different, apart from the Finding Nemo theater.

Also worth considering here, is whether we should expect the new INDY film to feature Dinos.

Disney Maddux

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If Indy not taking over Dinoland means that the budget for it can go to a Zootopia area in DAK, then I'm happy. (also, does anyone know where exactly in Dinoland those surveys are taking place?)

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