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Final Performance of 'Illuminations : RoE' Fan Meetup - Imagination Pavilion Gardens : Sept-30th 2pm-3pm


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To Illuminations, the crew and all involved,

You changed my life.

You lead me to discover playing music.

You taught me about peace on earth.

You showed me the power of story telling.

You guided me to this site to learn about the magic of story telling.

You helped me find happiness when I thought there was none.

You will have a special place in my heart forever.

May Illuminations: Reflections of Earth's message go on. Rest easy.

This!! All of this!

I'm so glad I got to be here in person and to meet some of you! It really was a wonderful energy tonight!!


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Was fortunate enough to see this show twice. Once with my parents and another time for my honeymoon(just last year). Really special memories.

We ate at the UK Pub restaurant before closing and the waitress gave us the whole patio to ourselves to watch the show because she saw our honeymoon pins.

Great show and so thankful to have gotten to see it. Easily my favorite night spectacular of any of the Disney Parks.


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Did you go during the holidays? If so then yes it has a special holiday ending. Other than that no it’s the same length
Ah, both times I saw it were during the Holidays. Did not know there were different versions. The multicolor finale really stuck with me.

Although I have only been to DW twice, one of my favorite memories is leaving Epcot after the show with the peace on earth music playing.
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