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Figments Friend
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Oct 11, 2017
Oct 23, 2004
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Tony Baxter's Grand Salon
Artist ,Entertainer, Puppeteer

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Figments Friend

Well-Known Member, from Tony Baxter's Grand Salon

- * - Baxterland - * - Where REAL dreams do indeed come true..! Apr 20, 2014

Figments Friend was last seen:
Oct 11, 2017
    1. brb1006
      So I'm planning on getting the first three Issues of Marvel's Figment series. I heard there's another Figment series coming in 2016 called "Figment 2". However I think that is coming next year.
    2. brb1006
      I really love the interview Baxter did on WDW Radio. It's very nice to learn about his experience with Walt.
      1. Figments Friend likes this.
      2. Figments Friend
        Figments Friend
        Tony is a wonderful storyteller and has some amazing tales to tell indeed.
        The things that man can tell you provides some fantastic insights into his experiences.
        I love listening to him talk about just about any topic, as he has a unique perspective on things.
        I'm a great admirer of his works and consider him a mentor.
        Jul 7, 2015
      3. brb1006
        Jul 7, 2015
    3. Figments Friend
      Figments Friend
      - * - Baxterland - * - Where REAL dreams do indeed come true..!
    4. Bryna Basil
      Bryna Basil
      Hello! I just recently joined this forum and am still getting used to navigating around. I noticed the Rarest Characters To Find thread and loved so many of the photos shown! I saw your Vincent Price/Ratigan newspaper clipping on one of the pages. Is it okay to share it at my Great Mouse Detective fansite? I'd give credit back to you. Thanks so much!
      1. Figments Friend
        Figments Friend
        Hey there Bryna...thanks for writing.
        You are welcome to use the clipping on your website. I thank you for asking me about it. I have had it for years, clipped out of a old gossip newspaper from back in the 80s. They used to print a lot of photos of the Disney Characters at DL in those papers, posed with various celebs. The rare Gurgi photo i posted also came from a similar newspaper. Enjoy ! :)
        May 22, 2013
      2. Bryna Basil
        Bryna Basil
        Hello! That's great! It's perfect timing too, since Vincent's birthday is coming up on the 27th. I also found an article about his 75th b-day in another newspaper. I can share both for my next site update.

        I loved that with Gurgi! I've never found it yet, nor am I sure if a photo exists, but I wish there was one of Barrie Ingham posing next to Basil. Wishful thinking, though!

        Thanks again! :)
        May 22, 2013
    5. Figments Friend
      Figments Friend
      Reality is for people with no Imagination...
      1. maxgoof
        Reality sucks!
        Feb 28, 2017
    6. Matpez
      It's Jenn! Thanks for everything Jenn!
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  • About

    Tony Baxter's Grand Salon
    Artist ,Entertainer, Puppeteer
    Favorite Park:
    EPCOT Center
    Favorite Attraction:
    The original 'Journey Into Imagination' Attraction.
    Favorite Parade:
    Main Street Electrical Parade (1970s original )
    Favorite Firework Show:
    EPCOT's 'Illuminations: Relections of Earth ' and Disneyland's ' Remember : Dreams Come True'
    Favorite Resort:
    Polynesian Village Resort
    Favorite Restaurant:
    Last Visit to WDW:
    January 2013 - It's all about Disneyland now !
    Favorite Character:
    Favorite Disney Movie:
    Next Visit to WDW - Location:
    Disney's All Star Music Resort
    Number of WDW Trips:
    Lifelong fan of the more creative aspects of the Disney organization, particularly when it comes to traditional animation and in-Parks themed experiences and attractions.

    Graphic Artist, Cartoonist, puppet/marionette builder and performer, Animatronics enthusiast, Traditional animation fan, character performance arts, fantasy film fan, supporter of Team Baxter.


    "So, whatever your dragon might be, it is important to keep it there and never abandon it" - Tony Baxter

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