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EPCOT Entertainment cuts


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some complain about the parks being stale...yet when a change is made they get mad?

A change would be replacing one act at a time. Something fishy afoot is replacing 2/3 of the equity entertainment at once. (Assuming they do all get replaced...... I think we are still awaiting replacements for many of the cut World Showcase Players acts.) And unlike attractions that change very very little, many of the musical acts do modify their routines regularly. Off Kilter has released I believe 5 albums, so that's a fair amount of songs they can cycle through (never mind any songs they haven't cut to disc).


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It's interesting that the WDW holiday press release just came out yesterday, and included mention of the Canadian Holiday Voyagers as part of the Epcot storytellers. Since they are basically just Off Kilter with a different name, I wonder what that means. Or, did someone just not tell the press team in time?
I'm sure there's a disclaimer in there about all acts being "subject to change"....


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Yes, I especially love the replacement parades and opening ceremonies at EP, DAK, and DHS. And the act they brought in to replace the Ziti Sisters at the Italy pavilion has been stellar....

I understand what you are saying...but you forgot anything positive like replacing the MK daytime parade. That seemed to work out pretty well


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It seems like someone saw the cost of the Maelstrom refurb/redo and thought it would be a wise idea to cut costs in the new FY to help offset the amount being spent on that refurb.

The problem is, this is a working theme park being visited by paying guests, not just a balance sheet existing in a vacuum. When you already are taking one attraction down, you don't cut more. In an ideal world, you'd add things to help offset the loss of 'activities' in World Showcase.
The parks attendance are stagnant because every decision is a zero sum game. We cut one thing and replace it with an other.

The other thought that I had was the increase in character meet and greets has correlated inversely with the decrease in other entertainment. Does that pull from the same budget?

hpyhnt 1000

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Well this is lousy news to wake up to. Not prepared quite yet to panic, but this is definitely a disturbing bit of info.

Only positive thing I can think about is remembering the uproar when it was announced The British Invasion were being cut. A lot of people were quite upset, until The British Revolution came along. And now most people have grown to appreciate and like their shows. Could be the same scenario here.

Plus, even Disney isn't dumb enough to not realize that live entertainment is basically the only attraction in World Showcase these days. Even I can't believe they would just up and cut about half the musical acts with no replacement.

EDIT: Based on Martin's new post, never mind then. Disney is that stupid.

Tinkerbell 8

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This is sad news to wake up to. Does Disney think that people won't notice all of these cuts when they give nothing in return yet prices continue to increase?? All of these entertainment extras used to separate disney from the rest of the parks around the world, but now I feel like I'm paying premium prices for a less than mediocore product. :(


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Wow seriously where do they stop these days? There's really nothing to do in WS now except spend money. I don't understand how they can continue to cut entertainments budget again and again. Getting rid of 3 equity acts is a pretty big cut to the budget. You would think an "entertainment" company would do the exact opposite...

Tonka's Skipper

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Looking to replace is no guarantee they will be replaced....

We are not in a court of law, simply a discussion, the post said they were looking for replacements. There is not guarantees one way or the other.......it is my reading of her post just as it is yours.


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