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Oct 23, 2017 at 6:49 AM
Mar 20, 2002
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Staten Island NY
Kingdom Konsultant Agent

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Well-Known Member, from Staten Island NY

wannabeBelle was last seen:
Oct 23, 2017 at 6:49 AM
    1. James Clifton
      James Clifton
      Lost your # ....so have to do it this way.Any opening at WL on 12/1 & 12/2?? Mail your # & I'll give a call for $$$ info!
      Thanks......Jim Clifton
      1. wannabeBelle
        Hi Mr Clifton. Im not in the office today but the number is 1866-566-7858 or e mail me at Marie@kingdomkonsultant.com
        Oct 8, 2015
    2. Toveck
      Hi, my name is Tom and I had a quick question. We’re looking at 11/14 - 11/24 for WDW but I'm seeing limited room and ADR's available. I know it’s free dining, but geez, it seems like Christmas as far as what's available.
      So what I'm asking is do you think everything IS that booked and it's gonna end up crazy busy (despite what all the "expert" crowd calendars say) or is availability being held back for some reason?
      1. wannabeBelle
        Hi Tom, I just got your message!!! Sorry for the delay!! I can certainly take a look for availability for you, are you looking at any particular resort(s) for availability? Thanks!! Marie
        Aug 10, 2015
    3. cynic710
      Hi Marie! This is Anthony, you just tried getting in contact with me about my November trip, I just responded to your email and look forward to speaking tomorrow hopefully! thanks!
      1. wannabeBelle
        Your welcome, I hope the information was helpful!!!
        Feb 23, 2014
    4. DisneyDreamer08
      Hello, I came across your name in a post related to Kingdom Konsultants. I was wondering if I could contact you (maybe through email?) to discuss an upcoming trip? I am interested in learning more about how your company can help me plan :o) Thank you!
      1. wannabeBelle
        Hi there, My e mail is Marie@kingdomkonsultant.com If you are looking to go in the next few months please contact me as soon as possible as the discounts for the next few months ( Until March/ April depending on the discount offer selected do expire on 1/1/2014! Have a terrific night!
        Dec 28, 2013
    5. Rose&Crowner
      Great talking to you today, thanks for your help! I'll check back with you from time to time about availability if you don't mind....
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      2. wannabeBelle
        did you enjoy the clip I had sent?
        Mar 27, 2013
      3. Rose&Crowner
        I did it was pretty impressive! I'll definitely make an effort to check those guys out next time we go down!
        Mar 27, 2013
      4. wannabeBelle
        Awesome!! I Am glad you enjoyed!! Nothing like seeing them live though!!!
        Mar 29, 2013
    6. GenerationX
      Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help booking our trip!! We had a PHENOMENAL time and appreciate that you answered all of our questions and sent an anniversary gift to our stateroom!! The trip could not have gone better. :)
      1. wannabeBelle likes this.
    7. Thumperbug
      Hi marie, I'm on here as Thumperbug (stacy):wave:
      1. wannabeBelle likes this.
    8. wannabeBelle
      Hi there!!! Yeppers, I do know some of those people in "real life" and they are just awesome people. Sad what happened though. Marie
    9. Yanks07
      Hi Marie! Made some new friends recently after the other thread, so Hello!! Mike
    10. ClemsonTigger
    11. wannabeBelle
      Groovy!!!! Ill be sure to peek in at that!!!
    12. ClemsonTigger
      Hey Marie
      Started my DLP trip report. Figured that would be the best way to post pictures.
      Great to see you last weekend!
    13. wannabeBelle
      Hey there Lady!!! What's up?? How is my favorite Brazilian?? Marie
    14. disneytati
      Hello, Marie!! How have you been?
    15. wannabeBelle
    16. Jenngusto
      Hi Marie (-:
    17. ClemsonTigger
      Hi Marie, Hope all is well! :wave:
    18. krankenstein
      Sounds great! Thanks again!
    19. krankenstein
      Hi Marie! This is Nick,

      I wanted to thank you for helping me book everything this past Saturday. I do have a quick question, where do I go on the March 16th for the Keys tour? Is it City Hall or somewhere else?

      Thanks again!
    20. wannabeBelle
      Hi Noreen, I dont, however that doesnt mean it didnt exist. I can certainly check with Pam, Kingdom Konsultant when I get in this evening?? Marie
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    Staten Island NY
    Kingdom Konsultant Agent
    Favorite Park:
    Depends on the day!!!
    Favorite Attraction:
    So many to choose from....
    Favorite Firework Show:
    Fantasmic!! and now Wishes!
    Favorite Resort:
    Yacht Club
    Last Visit to WDW:
    too long ago!!
    Next Visit to WDW (Arriving):
    Next Visit to WDW (Departure):
    Next Visit to WDW - Location:
    Disney's Contemporary Resort
    Number of WDW Trips:
    A lot!!!!
    E mail with any questions...

    Too many to list but always the magic of Disney


    Let me help plan your next Magical vacation! Contact me at Marie@KingdomKonsultant.com or call our office at 1866-566-7858.