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News Circle of Life at The Land Pavilion permanently closing in early February 2018


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I don’t know of any attraction "nobody ever goes to"
It had air conditioning and seats...I know somebody went to it, but I cant think of any reason I would ever recommend it outside that. I guess it has a step up on Stitch, because I wouldn't even recommend that for the AC and seating.


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Am I supposed to feel bad about this? I feel conflicted, because its a truly awful show and I haven't wasted time on it in decades, but its another empty former attraction...

Is an attraction truly an attraction if nobody ever goes to it?
It didn't so much attract as much as... trap.

I've shown off my Disney expertise to family and friends as we go non-stop from attraction to attraction with advanced FP skills and touring knowledge. And even in the rare times we've got nothing to do for an hour until the next thing... I've never taken them to Circle of Life. I want them to have a good time.


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Have you not seen Sybiosis? This movie at least riffs it like an MST3K film since they used many bits of the original film..
yes I have. Symbiosis is more then meh, it's boring. But circle of life being a lot less boring doesn't make me like it any more than I already do.


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im glad they’ve realised that dated videos & projections look awful in a Disney Park and have worked on replacing/upgrading/changing this, Mission Space, and the movies in World Showcase. Still work to be done, but atleast they’re sorting the easy fixes.
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