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News Circle of Life at The Land Pavilion permanently closing in early February 2018

Walt d

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Mr toads wild ride, if you saw the old disney magazine. There was a guy leaning against the plywood with his four head on his arm . That disney puts on a ride when they close it like he crying,and it was cloudy , but a ray of sun shined through the clouds on to his shoulder like Walt was saying it will be OK . Awesome photograph


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Was not this place that would welcome the new Disney Performing Arts?
I’ve seen that floating around. If that’s true, I feel like this theater is too small of a venue for something like that. A lot of big groups come for DPA and want to watch other groups. I feel like this is just too small to handle that, unless they plan on making it bigger.


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First the Imageworks, now this. *sigh*
It's a bargain! First, you buy your dvc membership here in a unused part of a building and then you get to access a quickly tossed together lounge in another unused part of a different building that's really a greenhouse full of screaming kids breaking iPads and throwing food!

Ya. I don't really like the Imagination lounge.


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Sadly, given the average guest that the Walt Disney Company seems to seek to attract these days, a DVC presentation will likely garner more attendance that the Circle of Life Environmental Fable. I do find it hypocritical that a company that is eliminating single use plastics, for the betterment of the environment, discontinued the showing of a character-based film about environmental awareness and will be distributing single use plastic bags at Splash Mountain.


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I'm sure this won't just be for DVC, but it still is a bad look when Disney closes even an attraction that didn't draw many guests and puts a DVC presentation in there. It's more what is signifies than losing something important.

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