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Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]


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I never said I earned it. I came across a legit layout with financial numbers. What else do you want from me?
Nothing...you’re saying a rumor on a rumor board. That’s ok. I would ask you hesitate on throwing the “confirmed” word around though...only bob igers masseuse can confirm anything.


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Ya, I’d like to keep my contacts in-tact.
Plus I’ve admittedly said I don’t know much more than the numbers and layout of new FW and Mexico/Brazil.
So your contacts are looking at Disney forums to see what you say?

...doesn’t exactly sound like power brokers, no?


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He wants to sound smart by doubting every single thing that is said in these boards
How about this? We’ll do a point/counterpoint podcast...

I’ll be the heavy and you be the follower...it’ll be fun.

And in the end...we will never have the faintest clue as to which way is up or down...because we’re not supposed to know...just keep feeding quarters into the meter.


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If it’s earned...you can the elaborate on timelines, ground prep, general contractors, artists and designers...

Again...you said “I can confirm”...
@Scuttle has been instrumental behind the scenes on major information breaking. Rarely taking credit himself. I don’t doubt he was given legitimate information, however it is conceivable as he said that it is old information.


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Ok sorry, I can confirm to about a 95 percent certainty that Brazil is coming to WS with the 250/200 deal....

Granted...I’ll watch with much interest.

The problem for this rumor is and always has been (what are we...15 years off and on now? And amazingly corresponding to the sugar cane bubble tourism glut in Orlando...aka: too convenient)...it really doesn’t make any sense to do this UNLESS...some foreign elements are footing the whole bill.

Why build for a pavilion that’s based on a really tenuous situation in the host country? It’s actually more likely that they will collapse and disappear than it is any sort of travel increase occurs.


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It’s known.
But anonymously so...

You know, Pete...im always yielding to facts and well reasoned hypothesis in all these rumor discussions...as well as “experienced, intelligent speculation”...

I’m actually not that difficult when it’s not company propaganda or ads promoting 3rd rate travel agencies and wannabe reporters...

This one went way twisty...i highlighted earlier...it was a confirmation from out of the blue that then took 16 twists and turns in two pages of posts...i’m Sure you read it/saw it. That breeds skepticism whether it comes from me or not.
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