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News Beauty and the Beast sing-along coming to Epcot's France Pavilion


WDW History nut
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any chance they might start showing IDF again a little early like closer to Christmas? and the beauty and beast thing coming on line a bit later... Or thats not how it going to work at all?
There’s currently nothing technical left inside the theatre. Depends how long it takes.


Fully Pfizered!
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No... one... belts like Gaston...



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Looks like Voyage of the little Mermaid will be around for awhile.
Possibly. But this really isn’t an indicator one way or the other. Cast were being trained for GMR and BLT when their closures were announced. The teams responsible for operating, casting, and staffing these attractions operate independently of those who decided their futures.

Rue D'Baga

Active Member
From the Parks Blog: "The new sing-along will run in rotation with “Impressions de France,” which will receive an upgrade to 4K projection."

Does that mean that we still get to enjoy the old IDF film for a bit longer, or will this be the new one?

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