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    PHOTOS - New People Mover and Monorail T-Shirts at Mouse Gear

    The Peoplemover shirt is made of the thinner shirt material. It is not as thin as the really thin shirts, but still thin enough to look like it will shrink and come out of the washer looking like a rag. It's too bad, because I like the design.
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    Car rental & tolls

    You'll have no problems on the 528, there will be at least one manned or change lane. The only Turnpike exit that is SunPass only in this immediate area is the Consulate Drive exit.
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    No more dark ride through Space Mountain?

    Seems to me that a reputable electrician could fix the problem. How could they not be able to figure out how to turn the lights off??? :(
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    No more dark ride through Space Mountain?

    I completely agree. There seems to be a lack of interest in bad show lately. Maintenance issues that used to close rides simply are left unattended to. :fork: The result is a less than perfect experience. Maybe some occasional visitors don't notice these deficiencies; however, frequent...
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    No more dark ride through Space Mountain?

    I also rode the TTA on May 7th, and the TTA stopped twice while I was on it. I figured the work lights were on because of the emergency stops. If the lights are being kept on, on purpose, I am not sure what genius in Disney management thinks this is acceptable.
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    Carousel of Progress Sign Change

    I'm also curious whether anyone knows if the other signage in Tomorrowland is going to change.
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    Carousel of Progress Sign Change

    Saw the new sign today, it looks like crap. Very cheap looking and I agree, blends right in with everything else.
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    experimental entry system @ Epcot

    A simple solution would be to get rid of the biometrics scanner and magnetic strip readers. Have a CM at each turnstile scanning ticket bar codes just like Disneyland and Sea World do. That will speed things up tremendously. Separate lines dedicated for AP holders and people traveling with...
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    Magic Kingdom now at Phase 3 closing (25 Dec, 12:10pm EST)

    I was cutting through property around noon on my way to my parents house and the MK traffic was backed up to Epcot Center Drive. So, I am sure it only got worse from there. I noticed that there were cast members in the median near the Studios TOT sign. They looked like they were ready to...
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    Sounds Like Summer 2011

    Hope Slippery When Wet returns! I missed 2U last year, hope to be able see them in 2011.
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    Suspect Dead, Deputy Stabbed near Lake Buena Vista

    Here are more details:,-suspect-dead-during-7-Eleven-dispute
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    Suspect Dead, Deputy Stabbed near Lake Buena Vista

    This sounds like the 7-11 at the corner of 535 (Winter Garden-Vineland Road) and Apopka-Vineland Road, across the street from the Sheraton Safari Village. This would be the next traffic light past Crossroads heading away from I-4.
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    Thrifty Car Rental at MCO?

    Here is the link to rental car agencies located at the airport and those off site:
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    Expedition Everest stopped

    I wish the Orlando Slantinel would just go bankrupt and cease operations.:fork: I certainly would not miss having a newspaper in Orlando. Between these "non-newsworthy stories" and their writers feeling the constant need to start a sentence with the word "and", I cannot stomach reading this...
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    Spaceship Earth exterior needs a serious clean

    Ugh, I saw it yesterday as I was pulling into the parking lot and was caught off guard. It can't be very easy to clean, but it really looks bad.:(
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