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Recent content by Thunder Kz

  1. Thunder Kz

    A New Beginning

    I can make out the songs for the starting heats of the 10k from the Ft. Wilderness Cabins. I wonder what it sounds like from the Poly. Tonight's gonna be a good night...tonight's gonna be a good night
  2. Thunder Kz

    Penny for your thoughts - Experience the Magic!

    With gifts like that who needs coconuts? Probably a glitch. I've twice had an experience of booking then seeing a lower rate online, and then being compelled to call to modify (website wouldn't allow change), only to have the person tell me over the phone that the online rate is "before...
  3. Thunder Kz

    MLB Playoffs 2016

    Billygoat / Bartman 2016
  4. Thunder Kz

    Premium Parking coming to Walt Disney World's parking lots?

    Guys, I think you're missing it. Didn't you catch that people in preferred parking will be given a free bottle of water? BahahaahaahahaHahahahahahaahaahahaaahaahahaaha.
  5. Thunder Kz

    New Log Cabins?

    Bingo. The result will be that Disney deactivates bands for people who did not check in, Disney adds a surcharge for this benefit, or it simply increases prices across the board to discourage the practice. Look at what happened with resort mugs… scanners plus increased prices because Disney...
  6. Thunder Kz

    New Log Cabins?

    Maybe the cabins are left there as a reminder of people who pay for and don't use the facilities. Folks can justify to themselves this type of practice any way they want. $75 is a lot of money, but not for what a family gets at FW, such as the open air boats, canoeing, biking, time at the...
  7. Thunder Kz

    Disney to reinvent the theme park shopping experience with new mobile app - Shop Disney Parks

    Initially, I had mixed thoughts on this. On one hand, there is something about having some things available only in the Parks that makes those things special. On the other hand, who hasn't left the Parks some time in their lifetime regretting not getting that one item, and this app now...
  8. Thunder Kz

    The Hall of Flags

    I agree. A narration or chart somehere would be nice.
  9. Thunder Kz

    Disney confirms 'Frozen' makeover coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion

    The only thing frozen between Mexico and Norway should be should be the margaritas. I'm in on Mad Stitch's Occupy World Showcase idea. "No way in Norway!" "You need to bail on Arendelle!" "Hell no in Oslo"
  10. Thunder Kz

    UFO Sighting: Disney Drones

    We need to get one of these over Dino World (always wondered what's up with that place). The one I saw was probably just Sea World dropping propoganda to counteract Blackfish.
  11. Thunder Kz

    UFO Sighting: Disney Drones

    I have no idea whether it was Disney / police sanctioned. If it weren't, why would it stop exactly over the train station/flower bed area versus going to more "interesting" areas? On the other hand, it flew somewhat erratically, and I have no reason to think it could not have been private. Do...
  12. Thunder Kz

    UFO Sighting: Disney Drones

    Suppose Disney could have drones capture/debilitate unauthorized drones? Maybe hijack them, MadStitch?
  13. Thunder Kz

    UFO Sighting: Disney Drones

    The fact that it was directly over the station made me think it was Disney security-related, since it was positioned where it wouldn't likely hurt anyone if it crashed. But, then I saw that article re: DCA, which got me thinking about privately owned quadcopters. I'd like to see one over...
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