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    HHN Not Happening

    lol coofcrying
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    Jurassic Park Rollercoaster Coming To Universals Islands Of Adventure?

    I think I've seen some coverage of this on local media, at least.
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    SeaWorld Orlando's Antarctica Ride Oddly Closed and Silent

    they laid off the penguins, and the scab puffins they hired aren't working out
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    Any reviews of Rock Dinner Show?

    I think a coworker of mine went there after getting free tickets, said it was fun. Didn't mention the food as good or bad.
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    Flicks & Fireworks - July 10 - 12

    Oh hey that sounds kinda fun and >$50 lolwat
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    Funspot goes full Ozymandias archive archive “Mickey, I'm not a Republic serial villain. Do you seriously think I'd explain my master-stroke if there remained the slightest chance of you...
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    Best video for somebody who never rode Horizons?

    yeah that's what I was thinking, but I was hoping somebody had a suggestion for a particular ride-through being slightly less of a pile of VHS than others, lol
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    Best video for somebody who never rode Horizons?

    As much as I love Martin in a totes hetero way, his videos can get a little deep in the weeds about the backstory of the attraction and in the last few have gotten a little abstract, not in bad ways necessarily. I've got some younger nerd pals who are interested in what the future of the late...
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    Jungle Cruise boat sinks!

    also you actually see the left and right sides of water, it's projected there with a pepper's ghost type thing
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    Jungle Cruise boat sinks!

    I'm glad that nobody's hurt so everybody can feel fine about making stupid jokes like Jungle Cruise would have wanted us to. also boat ride water ew ew ew ew ew ew ew also I'm stealing the following bad jokes immersive environment topside of water lol swimming instructor amirite
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    Six Flags problems

    >six flags >problems yes
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    meh, tourists don't usually research that by the time it's cleared and cleaned people will have forgotten it was that one unit
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    iirc local media says he was renting
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    What was this supposed to be? An eyesore?

    one time I overheard chatter between construction people that the rumor was that under the church ownership they had various volunteers do aspects of building, so subsequent efforts were hampered by having to go through finding and deconstructing the bad volunteer work before later professional...
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