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    Table Service and Counter Service credits

    Can you use your table service credits on the dining plan for counter service locations if you happen to not want all of the sit down meals?
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    Need advice - handicap room

    Trying to make a decision for a family vacation next year. There will be three adults, one teenager who is in a wheelchair and two children under the age of 10. Would it be best to stay in a handicapped accessible two bedroom villa or just book two separate rooms at another resort? One of which...
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    Celebrate the Magic times?

    Thank you Tom! Will make sure we are there before Wishes. With the MVMCP we only have a couple of opportunities to see it so I wanted to make sure we were on time.
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    CSR Business Class

    We are staying in a business class room for the first time this December. We've stayed at CSR once before in a standard room. I will make sure to watch this thread so I can let you know our thoughts when we get back. We took the room because it was the only thing left with free dining for our...
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    Celebrate the Magic times?

    I don't see Celebrate the Magic listed on the park hours/events on Are they still running this show? I wanted to check times for our trip in December so I could make sure we don't miss it. Is it scheduled or does it just run before Wishes or the MSEP? Any help would be...
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    Caribbean Beach vs Coronado Springs???

    I really wanna know what @Buck Young chose!
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    Caribbean Beach vs Coronado Springs???

    I love all this love for Coronado! I usually feel like I'm defending it! It is truly a beautiful resort!!!
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    Caribbean Beach vs Coronado Springs???

    I think the fact that it is a convention resort makes people not want to stay there. However I never even noticed anything about conventions when there. I may be wrong but I believe all convention guests are mostly staying in the casitas and they place regular guests more in the Ranchos and...
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    Change from POR to Caribean Resort for Free dining?

    Even though CB is my last choice for moderates, I would probably switch to CB to get the free dining. We are the type who aren't at the resort very long each day so the free dining would be totally worth it. There is nothing wrong with CB, just prefer other places if it works out. But man, it...
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    Caribbean Beach vs Coronado Springs???

    Coronado is absolutely beautiful! The rooms are great and the beds are queens! It had the fastest bus service of any resort I've ever stayed at, even deluxe. I cannot recommend it enough. POR is still my favorite resort in terms of theming but we loved Coronado and are returning in December...
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    Where to Stay? 5 Adults/1 Baby

    So I am used to booking trips for no more then 3 adults. Usually at a value or moderate to save on money. My mother and father in law want to take us in February for their first trip (well since 1973) and also would be my baby's first trip. She will be around 20 months then. There will be me...
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    Do you plan like this?

    It's just a manila file folder they made into a book type thing. I put the link to the blog there for directions. I am SO going to do it, hope it turns out as cute! :)
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    Do you plan like this?

    I have a spreadsheet that I have always used with park times, ADRs, and where I plan to be each day. It is not super elaborate but gets the job done. However, I found the above on Pinterest and I am TOTALLY making it. It is just so cute and I love the place to keep the receipts as I always mean...
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    What is your opinion on how to do Breakfast at WDW?

    We usually pack some travel friendly items in our checked luggage like granola bars or packs of peanut butter/cheese crackers. One time I found these muffins that had like 6 wrapped in a box at the grocery store (I wanna say Sara Lee or something like that). Packed those and they surprisingly...
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    Need your great, powerful and magical dining wisdom

    The only drawback is that it really lacks some atmosphere, but I promise, it was really amazing! Also I see people are throwing out the idea of Captain's Grille - we really enjoyed that one as well. Pleasantly surprised with Captain's Grille.
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