Where to Stay? 5 Adults/1 Baby


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So I am used to booking trips for no more then 3 adults. Usually at a value or moderate to save on money.

My mother and father in law want to take us in February for their first trip (well since 1973) and also would be my baby's first trip. She will be around 20 months then. There will be me, my husband, his parents, his sister, and baby.

I'm usually a pro at this stuff however I have no clue where to stay with this amount of people.
Do we just book two separate rooms? A suite? What??????
I don't want to break the bank so I would want a moderately priced option. However his parents may be more into lounging at a pool then an overload of park time. So I was trying to go somewhere nice but not extravagant.

Any ideas for this amount of people?
My husband and I would need a bed, his parents would need a bed, his sister is fine with a couch or pull out type cot and baby would be in pack n play that we would bring.

Thanks in advance!


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There is a family suite at All Star Music which is a value resort, it was nice because it had 2 bathrooms and the pool was large. It would certainly sleep your entire clan comfortably and there'd be enough room for the pack n play as well.
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