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Trying to make a decision for a family vacation next year.
There will be three adults, one teenager who is in a wheelchair and two children under the age of 10.
Would it be best to stay in a handicapped accessible two bedroom villa or just book two separate rooms at another resort? One of which is handicapped accessible.
I am concerned about space.

Anyone comments from someone who has had experience with this or any advice is greatly appreciated.


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I'm not an expert, but I think the handicapped accessible rooms all have one king bed, so that could make some interesting sleeping arrangements. I could be mistaken, but I think I read that somewhere.


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A 2-bedroom villa can be very expensive unless you stay at OKW or SS- But they should be very comfortable for 6 people. Sometimes we have tried to get adjoining rooms but have been separated, they "try but cannot guarantee adjoining rooms." Another option is AOA, they have 2 bathrooms which is nice, but the sofa and table bed were not very comfortable for adults.
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