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  • It was Sunday night! It was right around 7:00... we were walking accross the bridge between France and UK... I was walking towards UK and you were walking the opposite direction! Aww man.. now I wish I would have said something... but we were rushing to our reservation at Le Cellier! How funny! I literally stopped, turned around and stared as you walked away... hahaha!
    Hey!! I saw this person the other day at Epcot that looked JUST LIKE YOU!! I seriously thought it was you for a moment... she probably was wondering why the heck I was staring at her!
    Haven't tried to get any playoff tickets. Would be a lot of fun though. I'll probably wind up watching on TV.
    Hi Caroline! I'm completely mesmerized by Music of the Night. It gives me chills. I love them all, especially Be My Baby, El. Rigby, Day Tripper and Billie Jean. The whole CD makes me very happy :D Thanks again, you're the best!
    I will rejoin when I get caught up on things around the office. PML promotes too much goofing off! :lol:
    Ohh sounds good! Except Doug always hightails it when I head that way, then he acts like I never make an effort to see my fellow PMLers.
    yuck, this weather. :(

    but good news - its an ice cream Friday!

    Cloning Zambrano isn't all we'd have to do. We'd also have to raise him in the exact same environment. The Cubbies are hammering SD tonight. It seems like they're hot again. :sohappy:

    Remember months ago when you said, "You Can Do It" to me with respect to me watching the good singers on AI. I couldn't. I made it for about two weeks, but then I got bored. It's too bad cuz I really wanted to participate in the AI threads. :lookaroun
    I downloaded Billie Jean, Music of the Night (which I think is my favorite) and Eleanor Rigby. Only problem now... I have no iPod :hammer:Listening on my computer though :D
    The Cubbies have a few starting pitching questions to straighten out. Look on the bright side. Remember how terrible they were last April/May?
    quite a lightning storm this morning, huh? at least things are looking a little better now. have a great weekend.
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