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  • Whats up man????? Happy New Year.... hey you facebook???? I will send you private message with name to friend if ya want!!!
    I will add you to my facebook tonight when I get home! ;) And I will PM you back my cell # for texting. I have unlimited texting and that is how I get with people in the parks - technology is pretty freaking cool! :lol:
    Are you still going to be in EPCOT on Feb 28th? Several of us are going to be there on that day - :D - so if you are gonna be there we should make our paths cross, especially over drinks in World Showcase..... :lol:
    HOORAY for planz of the EPCOT kind! WOW you're gonna be there for a while! That rocks! ;) wooty!
    Hey! I was just in WDW for the last 4 days. Got home today and I'm exhausted. :lol: Glad you're trying to get back in March - it's a lovely time to visit and I tend to be there at that time so maybe I can run over and meet you! :)
    Thanks, I'm a little new to this and don't always log in or know my way around this site. I normally just visit as a guest. I'll be traveling to the World for our first visit at Christmas time 12/19. I'm hopeful that we all enjoy this time of year there. We will be visiting Pecos Bills first thing since we should arrive at Magic Kingdom by noon.
    Well, hope the economy treats you well! I truly feel it will bounce back. The drink is a glow-tini from The Wave in The Contemporary. Truly a work of art. ;)
    yeah we are looking at Feb 7th weekend. We don't have the schedule firmed up yet but that is the weekend. I think it is towards the end of off-peak so it is cheaper. I will let you know. It would be great if you could make it here - we always have fun.
    Heh. Yeah I don't even own a 'winter coat'...what's that....? I wear hoodies. I am not someone that thinks Florida is cold, and the chilly air comment was for humor...not for realz. We do have some really cold days but that is because it is so wet here and the cold feels colder...but it is only maybe 10 days out of the year. :)
    HAHAHA! Reminds me of Ellen's Energy Adventure - :lol: :lol: ;)
    "Mammals are getting hairier. That's right. Wooly is definitely in. Whether you're a mammoth or a rhinoth. And saberteeth seem to be a growing fad in the cat world. Also, look for antlers to be very big this year. As big as ten feet, on creatures like the megalosaurus. Wow! And that's the latest in the fashion world. "
    HAHAHA I have a small mind so it is very easy to read. :lol: Biergarten is definately a favorite. I really don't eat anywhere other than those three places unless I am with someone that wants to go elsewhere. I am a margarita fan, and also love Newcastle and half & halfs.
    HAHAHA San Angel and Rose & Crown are the 2 places my husband and I are hooked on. We eat there all the time. :lol: I especially love R&C. Also fan-freaking-tastic is Biergarten.
    Sweet! I will make sure you see the thread when we post it - I dunno where day #2 would be - prob another park but I could easily do EPCOT two days in a row and be fine. I can just sit on a bench there and chill and be happy as hell. ;)
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