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  • Glad to hear your doing well Sue. Yay for Disneyland, relaxing is always good. Taking the kids and their cousins to Wdw in feb. Should be a blast. Glad that you have family and a great boyfriend to help you through! Talk to you soon. Mike
    Yeah Sue, I got your message!! Haha. How cool you going to DL, we have not made it out there yet, we hope to soon though. My wife and I are going for a week to wdw the end of April. Your 10 day trip in 2011 to GF sounds amazing!! Nice to hear from you Sue, hope your hanging in there. Mike
    Hey Sue! Just checkin to make sure your doing OK. PS, click on my name when you respond or I don't get the message until I check your profile page.
    DL in going this October for 5 days, but WDW has been postponed until 2011 so I can go for 10 days at the GF :) I cannot wait!!
    Yeah for DL in 2011!! Have yet to make my out there yet. GF looks Amazing!! Hang in there Sue! I'm pullin for ya!!
    I'm doing...........okay I guess. I have starterd therapy, so we will see how that goes. It's weird how days have become so long for me now.
    Well not to WDW. I have on this Oct. to DL. I was going to go next year, but it has been postponed until 2011 so I can have my dream trip of saying at GF. I'd rather go less often and stay longer at deluxe resorts.
    Hi Sue! Hope you are doing OK, glad to see you are getting some help. Hope you have a good week!!
    Hey Sue! It is now March!! Your longest Feb. ever is done! Hope you are having a great weekend!!
    Glad you managed to get through the day. Hope today goes well for you! Maybe you need a trip to WDW. lol
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