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  • Haven't chatted with you in a while! Hope everything is good with you! Planing a trip anytime soon?
    Hey!!! Sorry I missed your post :( I'm actually working in downtown Disney now lol, so vacation planning is a bit different for me now. Got to run the princess half over the weekend, which was an amazing experience! How about you?!? How's life?!
    Are you in the Disney College Program? My daughter applied...
    I will be in January :) I got my acceptance the other week and am moving down on January 7th.
    I know it sucks :( I hate not being able to talk to you tooo!!! I miss my twin!!!!!!! Wow you are miss popular over here missy lol Your page is blowing up with comments! :D hehe I feel so disconnected to the world especially with no service on my phone lol I think they did that on purpose. Even though I work in the booneys
    I've been wanting to try T-rex for a while now. That chocolate extinction looks awesome! The trip is indeed a little bit of everything - Fun, exiting and relaxing. I'm currently contemplating Biergarten or Teppan Edo. Decisions...decisions.
    lol dumbphone..I like that. So my reservation is official. No it's time to book my ADR's There's so many places I haven't eaten at yet. I've got Ohana booked already. I did Boma, Crystal Palace, La Cellier, & Citricos last year. All worthy of repeats. You've been to Disney so many times lol any suggestions?
    Airfare is booked! Now all I need to do is figure out where to stay. I really want to experience the Grand Floridian but she is pricey and has some nasty tripadvisor reviews.

    Yeah..def get that app. Summertime...it will be 2 hours easy same with Soarin but that's why we have smartphones to keep us occupied. :)
    Yeah....I'm definitely looking forward to it. Good luck in the marathon. Whereabouts do you end up running to? I took a look at your trip report..it definitely looks like you had fun. Disney Trip withdrawal is hard to overcome. I have the Disney wait times app on my phone so anytime I'm feeling down, I power it up and see how long the wait is for Toy Story Mania!
    You sent me a message in May lol (I'm just logging in now) about being jealous that I was @ the World. I just figured I'd let you know that I will be heading down again this May. I see that you are heading down in Sept. What will your itinerary consist of?
    the flight sold out before I booked it! so instead of 266 its 430... guess no quick trip for me next month! damn
    oh wow... congrats on the recent return! I actually found a decent flight down so I think I'll book tonight... just a quick 3 night stay, nothing crazy and staying at the Pop. Coming off the post trip blues is the worst... serious issues in the first couple of weeks. You need to make yourself a nice playlist, keep the Martin videos rolling... and keep reading this forum!
    hey belle... just wanted to introduce myself! When is your next trip... looking at a possible quick trip next month for a few days (1st time AP holder) so trying to get in as many as I can this year. Flights are pricy now though... damn gas prices
    You just made my day!!! Thank you so much! :)
    I seriously watch the Wishes fireworks show all the time on youtube. So excited to find these forums.
    We JUST finished! And I won!!! I didn't lose as much weight as I hoped, 2.5 lbs in 4 weeks- down to 133.2 now! It really started coming off when we started kickboxing, so if I keep that up, it'll keep coming off slowly, but surely! How's your game going!? Are you getting ready for your trip soon?
    Got a question for you! Do you have an I-tunes account and if ya do, would you like for me to send you some Disney music to ya? It will take 26 cd's for all to be placed on, just finished a set for a friend that is about to go to WDW. Just PI your address and I can send them next week!
    Yes, looking so forward to your report! I too, TRIED to keep a journal...lost track by day 5 of 9! bahhhh haaa! I bought a sd card at the Kingdom..do not know why I did that, guess I thought I needed an extra, really did not..
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