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  • Sorry.. at work with a customer who WON'T STOP TALKING ABOUT NOTHING!!!
    Hi Kaos - thanks for the friend request! I have no theme park used stuff at all (don't I wish! lol) That sign would of been awesome I'm sure! I collect a vast array of disneyana...several plates from the early 70's, mugs, comic books, pez dispensers (unopened of course ha ha!), I have some 6 cent Walt Disney stamps that are VERY cool (paid virtually nothing for them - some people just dont' know what they have) Also have the It's A Small World Record Album from what....the 60's or so? So a vast array that I hope some day when I'm gone - my daughter will appreciate as much as I do :)
    Hi there I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement, I really appreciate it. Thanks for the friend request it was awesome of you!:D
    HI! Kaos My name is Jeany Sanchez and I'm a big fan of the Rescue Rangers! CHip is my favorite Rescue ranger leader!
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